It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Forensic Sciences. We are grateful you took time to visit our web page. Our department is the first of its kind in the west African subregion. The University of Cape Coast established this department with a mandate to produce high calibre experts in forensic and investigative sciences to fill their urgent need in the country and subregion. To fulfil this mandate, we run high-quality, student-centered academic and training programmes to mould students into experts. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities, coupled with our internationalized curricula, expose students to world-class equipment and procedures to boost their competence and increase their employability.  We look forward to welcoming you into our department as a student or scholar.

The Department of Forensic Sciences was established in August 2015 with six students and five faculty. After two years, we have 86 students, 9 full-time faculty, 6 part-time faculty and one visiting professor.


We recognize that the number of forensic scientists in Ghana is woefully inadequate considering the current population and the pace of development.  Also as crime becomes increasingly sophisticated, the demand grows for highly skilled forensic scientists capable of innovating, performing and analyzing scientific procedures to improve crime prevention and detection.

In line with this philosophy, we believe in the need to:

  • turn out more students for professional careers related to crime prevention and detection;
  • provide students with critical thinking and technical skills required for lifelong success in forensic and investigative sciences;
  • produce confident, competent and ethically-minded future forensic scientists;
  • advance the various fields through innovative research to solve pertinent problems that confront the country;
  • impart knowledge, skills and intellectual leadership in the public and private sector.

Goal and Objectives
Our goal is to produce graduates dedicated to pursuing careers in forensic and investigative sciences to augment the justice delivery system.

The objectives of the Department are to:

  • train students to become innovative and provide exemplary leadership;
  • train students to conduct research and contribute to knowledge in the field of forensic sciences;
  • produce competent graduates to pursue further studies in field of forensic sciences;


To have a Department that serves as a pivot for the training of Forensic Scientists with world-wide acclaim.


To provide unique training programmes which enable students from different backgrounds to meet the challenges of their countries by partnering with society to find solutions to problems.

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We encourage and instill:

  • hard work to achieve and maintain the highest standard in all endeavours;
  • honesty, ethical decision-making and compassion;
  • quality in the performance of duties and remain an enduring learner;
  • the spirit of teamwork within and across institutional boundaries;
  • leadership and recognition  of equal opportunities for all.

The Department of Forensic Sciences recognizes that choosing a postgraduate or undergraduate program is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. We believe you will want to select an environment of learning that will help you develop new skills and knowledge as well as equipping you with support that will be crucial to your success. The program you choose should also help you achieve both your personal academic and long-term professional goals. Below are some of the reasons why our programs might be right for you and why you should choose them:

  • Members of department represent a broad range of interests and experiences and share a commitment to first-rate teaching.
  • We value variety and encourage respect for diversity in all our courses and degrees.
  • Our student-centred, self-directed, Problem-Based Learning pedagogy enables you to take charge of your own learning.
  • Students receive academic internships and credit for internships during holidays in other educational and health facilities in the form of Practicum.
  • Being a research driven department, we promote high-quality research writing and communication skills that are fundamental to success in future academic and professional endeavors.